Thursday, January 23, 2014


Picking up american-chinese for my co-workers, the lady working the drive-through almost forgot our sodas. Upon handing them over, managing a greasy grin, she told me, "Now you are complete"
i spun out quickly so she would not hear me gagging

You said i was a warrior, but i was only fighting myself. You loved my desperation. I have to admit, it was a clever mask

I was holding a little boy's hand by the water, someone came out of left field and tackled him into the water. The boy couldn't swim so i dove in after him. Underwater struggle.

Ancient Chinese alchemists spent centuries trying to discover an elixir of life that would render the user immortal. What they made was gunpowder.

"Meet me in Cognito, baby. In Cognito, we'll have nothing to hide."

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