Thursday, January 23, 2014

A sad story about anger. Sometimes there is glitter in that mess

A high school math teacher is going through a divorce and gets angry at a student, sends her out of class, for wearing his ex-wife's perfume brand. He never caught the name of it, maybe that was problem. Perhaps if he knew What flavor gardenia? What bustling bergamot? Which dainty little cupcake lingered on those pale wrists?
The girl has fat wrists haloed in colorless elastic bracelets. He has always thought her too old for her age. She wears so much dark makeup around her eyes but still has that sickening clear-coat varnish on her chapped lips like all the other girls. [Sometimes there is glitter in that mess]
She is awkward, pitiable; an old woman with a Valley Girl tongue. She raises her hand too much, asking "smart" questions to impress her peers. They don't notice anything but the dark makeup around her eyes.

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