Thursday, February 24, 2011

Slime freaks

All i have eaten today is girl scout cookies and salami. Walked to the gas station asking for their cheapest cigarettes and walked home with these:

Life is only a dream when you want it to be.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

me they we

"Mine" dense center in a void, lonesome, alien in a clearing. Weight deadened by separation
"Our" consolation

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Double entendre; one for each leg.


I miss whoever
I miss whoever.

I miss, whoever(.)
I miss, whoever

Four shots of espresso, irish coffee. Chapped between this thumb and that pointer finger bleeding a little. Wanted to go to the beach with dad tomorrow but i need to sleep. "What i should do"
I never did go back to that therapist. Her name was florence. I ended up standing her up. Florence called a lot and i never called back. This may be reason enough for somebody to try again at another one, though i am considerably held up seeking guidance from dead women and grand marnier. Or maybe this is why you should not choose a headshrinker because their name is florence.

ersatz. Give me blood or give me death

Thought you was a queen

The home guard, who knew her well and were fond of her, had started the day carrying bouquets of flowers to present to her. They had not dropped them to fulfill the new orders. They carried them in the left hand, and their guns in the right hand. They looked embarassed, and puzzled, not knowing which they were going to use.
We looked very fine, cause we were leaving

Lacking a free hot dog due to that of my skirt's length. Regret. Noon party music climbing through my window from that of my neighbors'. Forgetting. They have been outside all day, amongst the hanging laundry; the red wifebeater, the blue jeans, playing festive but still doing as they should, the water leaving everything through heat and light. The neighbors outside drying up inside, leaving stains beneath their sleeves. Same sleeves looking at their fate, their brothers, on the line. It's hot and bright outside, it's february 19th.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Of human bondage......................................................