Thursday, April 4, 2013


"The idea is that the creature must be graceful and angry at the same time, requiring slow, conscious movements. It is difficult. Backdrop here is just two meters high while I am two and a half with the suit on. I therefore had to be very careful how I move. While it is terribly hot inside the suit. The main mask is difficult to take off and when I finally succeed is my head wet with sweat. There is always smoke on the recording as well, so I often have breathing problems. "

"Well ... it has been a true and sad experience for him to be alone in that hotel room."

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well ... the producers put him in a different hotel than the rest of crew, some distance away from the shooting, that he would feel extra strange and scary when he showed up. And it worked. He was always very lonely on the recording. Sat in his swing. "


"Well ... he could not sit on regular chairs because he had that awkward costume wearing, so someone in the team built a swing for him to sit on when we had a break. There he sat in his loneliness and rocked in silence, with the mask on. "

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