Thursday, November 24, 2011

There is something secret and it is holding my hands

The gamma symbol represents a numerical parameter that describes the nonlinear relationship between pixel value and luminance

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  1. It has held onto me my whole life. It is in my mother's voice, she always sounds happy when she answers the phone...even when she is afraid. It is in my dad, the words he put on paper in 1982, in 2010. The secret thing in my sister that compels her to buy me overpriced underware when earlier that day i had brunch at a pastor's house without any on. When i'm asked the same thing in the same words in the same place, but i lied when i said that the light was the same...the first time, (it was dark) in my compliance i smiled and stepped inside a cage but it was this secret thing here that taught me how to pick the lock, taught me so good that when i was asked these words again (it was morning) i nodded, SALUT to this cage and in my compliance i smiled and stepped somewhere else...this secret thing that once left its marks of hate and fear on my arms, i found its heart in my bed yesterday