Thursday, October 6, 2011

      I am so angry..all the more for i know i have no right to feel it...i have hurt so many people. i made this bed of nails, and dancing on it wonder aloud why do my feet bleed? why does it hurt me to move so? i am not still as i need to be.. but i have been submissive enough so that now i am stepping on the nails out of spite, spitting in my palm.

  I went back there to give you back to yourself. upon placing that plain black t-shirt in your hand, you checked the nape of my neck and we both saw at the same time that part of you i didn't return. i was trying to give you back but i was still wearing you. i was wearing what i kept.

    Why was woman made so fickle? We destroy ourselves when we destroy them..i remember that sad way you looked at me the night i sneaked out through your bedroom window...i felt so wild, hopeless out there in the street. but time brought with it the fruition of my fears, and i have now those puppy eyes. dark mirrors reflecting the way the wheel goes, goes backwards all the while

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