Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still going steady with strangers

Talking fellini, talking lauper with a bum inside mcdonalds. He's polish and raving, smelling for all the world's golden arches like kimchi. I'm breathing out of my mouth, showing him my teeth (says i have a problem), apologizing for the czech (says i didn't know where i was going). Enter girl missing skin. Tall, beautiful, young, the skin is missing from her forehead, her arm and leg. The entire right side stripped, that secret white meat exposed and yellowing as the sun made warm my skin through the window, further fermenting my slavic rambler korean, and he's going on about elton's back-up girls, calls them crossbred. Down africa, down china, down white girl. A dark little one is reaching out to that raw calf (Herschell Gordon Lewis making spit in his pants now) when she says motorcycle accident and i left my coke there

That texaco before the bridge, all rims and it smells like weed, everyone yells at each other, i'm walking stiff always when i move. Each night the slander haloed with old light...always through the speakers voices soft and dead, golden velvet. Earth angel coming as i go

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