Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be my be my baby

I have discovered speeding.. my brakes slip a lot so i should probably let it alone already. All i have been talking about lately is how much i wish for a new mattress, then i wonder why no one calls me but my mom. I went to a therapist today who gave me a soda and then told me to see eat pray love starring julia roberts. My mom called and asked how it went, i told her i don't think i'll go back

I finally spray painted my books white. One of the cans was accidentally gloss white instead of flat, which sucks. It got all over my finger and all the grime in my bed had turned it gray by morning
"I saw that, i like it on there" you thought it was flour at first. I was thinking if they were capable, angels might bleed clorox. but i wonder once they dampen does the light go

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